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University of Wisconsin - Madison HSRL Data Archives

Data Provided By:

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration : Earth System Research Laboratory
CANDAC : Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory (PEARL)
University of Idaho
U.S. DOE Atmospheric Radiation and Measurement (ARM)
University of Wisconsin

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25-Sep-2018 -- Movie by Igor Razenkov from 2018 of the BagoHSRL system at sea in the PISTON experiment

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20-Nov-2006 --Data from the NOAA Microwave Radiometer (MWR) located at Eureka is now available on this archive. This instrument began collecting data on 7-Aug-06.

12-Mar-2006 --Data from the University of Idaho Polar Atmospheric Emitted Radiation Interferometer (PAERI) located at Eureka is now included in this archive. This data is supplied courtesy of Prof. Von Walden, University of Idaho.

11-Jan-2006 --SEARCH radar data can now be displayed on this web site. Radar reflectivity, fall velocity, and spectral width, along with lidar/radar effective particle diameter will be included in netcdf files if requested. Radar data is averaged (or interpolated) as needed to match the user requested resolution. Radar data is added to the archive on a daily basis and will not be present in real time data requests. The radar data has been supplied courtesy of Taneil Uttal and Matthew Shupe of NOAA.

6-Sept-2005 -Improved depolarization calibrations have been loaded for data recorded after 20-dec-03. This will also effect the backscatter cross section for ice clouds.

Madison operations of the AHSRL were terminated on 2-July-05 as the AHSRL was prepared for shipment to Ellsemere Island, Canada(79.99 N, 85.94 W). The system began operations at Eureka on August 1 with system checkout completed on August 8.

On 9/9/04 the AHSRL was turned off and crated for for air freight shipment to Barrow, Alaska. The AHSRL began Barrow operations as part of the MPACE experiment on 9/24/04. System alignments were completed on 9/29/04. The AHSRL was operated remotely via the Internet until 11/17/04 when the system was shutdown for shipment back to to Madison, WI.
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